Three Easy Ways to Rid Your Home of Ants

Most ants are beneficial for homes: they kill bedbugs, fleas, and various pests. However, too much of them can be exasperating as well, especially when they start crowding kitchen cabinets and colonize various rooms in our homes. This is why ant control is one of the most in-demand services from pest control Gold Coast companies in Queensland, Au homes.

Ants invade our homes because they are attracted to our food, and this is where it can get really messy, as hundreds of them can easily plague your home in minutes. Small-scale ant infestations are completely manageable, and pest control Gold Coast experts share some of their tips to help you get rid of ant problems on your own. Here are some of their tips:

Get ants where it really counts

One of the most common mistakes most homeowners make when dealing with ant infestation is killing ant as they see them. Killing a few of them will not solve the problem, as there are thousands of them lurking just around the corner, and a queen ant is doing her job laying eggs to keep the numbers growing. Thus, whether you are using your flip-flop or an insecticide spray, it is important that you investigate where these crawlers hide and live and do the damage where it counts.  Look for their hive and destroy their nest.

Use ant baits

As said earlier, ants are drawn to “food”, and as a wise homeowner who wants to look after his property, you can use “food” as baits to get rid of ants. Like in the previous paragraph, you want to take ants out right from their nest. The best way to do this is to make them kill themselves with poison baits traps.

There are lots of ways to make a bait trap. Do your homework and search online for some tips. When you lay your bait, try to put it as close to their scent trails (the invisible trail where ants follow to get from one point to another). You will get more ants to take poison food to their nest and share that food with the others. Remember, the goal here is to make them take the poisoned food back to their hive. Never kill them before they get a chance to do so. Lastly, since your baits are highly toxic, make sure you place your bait food out of reach of your children and pets.

Dealing with ants outdoors

Some ant problems can’t be resolved indoors, as there are times where their hive is located just outside your home, and they travel all the way to your house to find food. Fire ants for example, usually live outdoors, but they can present not just nuisance, but danger to homeowners, especially to unsuspecting kids. They are however, easy to find, as they make their nest noticeable – they make ant hills.

To deal with ant hills, simply douse it with a liquid insecticide. However, most ant hills have deeper chambers inside, and simply applying insecticides just outside the hill will not kill everyone inside. This is where the services of pest control Gold Coast professionals can get in to the picture. These pest control experts have the tools and knowledge to make solutions that can go deeper to ant hills.

Food for thought

Most outdoor ants are quite beneficial for your plants and yards. They kill and clean your yard from dead bugs, remove plant debris, and even help in pest control by eliminating other insects. You don’t have to eradicate them completely. The key is to control their population and keep them off your house. If you’re experiencing persistent ant infestation problems, then you better call a pest control Gold Coast expert company to solve the problem for you.

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